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Woodworking Tool - Moovegoods™ + 7 FREE corner blades

Woodworking Tool - Moovegoods™ + 7 FREE corner blades

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Woodworking Tool - Moovegoods™ + 7 FREE corner blades

Woodworking Tool - Moovegoods™ + 7 FREE corner blades

Regular price $124.90
Regular price $124.90 Sale price $171.74
Déstockage Sold out

Give character to your wooden creations!

Who says your wood projects have to be simple and featureless? Forget dull edges that can cause splinters. And above all, there is no need to break the bank for overpriced tools.

Discover our Moovegoods™ Carpentry Tool. It allows you to carve smooth, even edges, giving your works a professional finish. And the best? You don't need to be an expert to use it!




Why adopt it?

  • He brings that professional touch that makes all the difference.
  • Enhance the edges with elegant shapes.
  • Clean and stabilized cuts thanks to the V-shaped guide.
  • Compatible with all types of wood.
  • Ideal for novices and experts alike.
  • Ergonomic and pleasant to use.
  • No more splinters and sharp edges.
  • Compact, it stores easily.
  • A simple and affordable alternative.
  • Robust and maintenance-free thanks to its metal design.

How it works? The first time I tested this tool, I transformed a simple piece of wood into an elegant piece. It's stunning! This tool reminded me of the furniture finishes of yesteryear. Each time, I can't help but caress the edge, amazed by the precision of this little gem.

It is perfect for enhancing all your projects: shelves, stools, tables, furniture... Let your imagination run wild!


BeautifulEdge tool being drawn across a long piece of lumber in a single smooth motion




Usage tips:

  1. Select and install the desired blade.
  2. Adjust it to the desired depth.
  3. Test on a piece of wood first before your centerpiece.
  4. Press firmly and slide the tool along the wood.
  5. For an impeccable finish, do not hesitate to iron or use a file in case of imperfections.


Tool being used on a Stool




Maintenance and storage:

  • A simple brush stroke is often enough.
  • If residue persists, a little rubbing alcohol or turpentine works wonders.
  • For thorough cleaning, use the Allen wrench provided.
  • Store it dry and, if the blades get wet, dry them and apply a little oil.


  • Made from sturdy, anti-corrosive aluminum.
  • Easy adjustment with one button.
  • 7 quality carbon steel blades to vary the pleasures.
  • Integrated spirit level for greater precision.
  • Dimensions: 6” L x 1.9” H x 0.78” W.
  • Available in red and black.

What you receive:

  • The carpentry tool.
  • 1 straightening blade.
  • With guide support.

Don't wait any longer! Add this essential tool to your collection. Please note, stocks are limited!

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